Genova NutrEval Comprehensive


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Product Description

The NutrEval Profile consists of:

Metabolic Analysis measuring 39 key organic acids to evaluate gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and functional need for vitamins, minerals, and co-factors.

Amino Acid analysis measuring 38 amino acids to evaluate dietary protein adequacy, digestion, absorption, amino acid transport, metabolic impairments, and nutritional deficits; including essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acid assessment measures the levels of fatty acids in red blood cell membranes that affect cellular communication and the inflammatory cascade.

Elemental Analysis in red blood cells is a reliable means to identify short-term toxic metal exposure and to evaluate intracellular nutrient mineral status.

Oxidative Stress Analysis is a sensitive tool to evaluate the body’s anti-oxidant reserves, the presence of oxidative injury, and CoQ10.


Example Test Results

jason prall krebs cycle jason prall nutreval

Included Tests

Nutrient Levels
Fatty Acids (in RBCs)
Oxidative Stress Markers
Nutrients (in RBCs)
Toxic Elements (in RBCs)

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