Comprehensive Food & Chemical Sensitivity ELISA/Act LRA Test


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Lymphocytes are tested as if they were still in the bloodstream being exposed to foreign invaders, which provides highly accurate information about your delayed allergies. Antibodies may be formed as a result of allergic reaction which either protects the body or causes symptoms. This test measures your delayed reactions to an extensive list of items, as listed below

Reaction indicates loss of tolerance and development of hypersensitivity.

Reactive items are an adverse load on your body’s immune defenses. This means a reduced ability to respond to new or chronic infections. Reactive items also decrease immune activities needed to repair your body. This can provoke inflammation and self-attack (autoimmunity). Avoiding reactive items can break the cycle of impaired defense and repair, allowing your body to start the recovery and repair process.

Protective memory (non-reactive IgG) antibodies do not provoke symptoms and are not affected by ELISA/ACT®  LRA tests. This is an advantage of lymphocyte response assays in detecting only the items that provoke reactions.


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Jason Prall LRA Test

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