Ep.14 – Wim Hof: Using Inner Fire Breathing & Cold to Improve Health Part 2 of 2

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Due to his trained ability to withstand extreme cold, Wim Hof has earned the nickname “The Iceman”, and he’s one of the most charismatic and enjoyable people I’ve had the chance to speak with. At 55 years old, Wim Hof is forcing western sciences to re-write text books as he has shown the ability, in a lab setting, to voluntarily control his body temperature, immune system, and various parts of the autonomic nervous system.

Wim holds 26 world records, some of which include:

  • Running a marathon in the Namibian desert without water, only wearing shorts.
  • Running a marathon in Finland above the arctic circle, barefoot in only shorts at -20 deg celsius.
  • Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in under 32 hours with a group of novice climbers.
  • And not surprisingly, Wim holds the world record for the longest ice bath at just under 2 hours.

In part two, we get into the details of some of the University studies that have been done on the Iceman and a few people he’s trained. We break down the physiology and discuss how to spread this knowledge so people can feel healthy, happy, and strong.

You can sign up for his video course, live workshops, and expeditions at and you can try out a free mini-course at

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

1:35 – The strange and intense reactions when you super oxygenate the body & the parts of the brain that are affected.
5:21 – What happened when the Iceman was injected with a pathogenic bacteria in a University study.
9:00 – How Wim was able to increase metabolic activity by 300% before going into an ice bath.
10:15 – Wim’s ability to increase his core body temperature despite being in an ice bath.
12:25 – The results of injecting 12 individuals with bacterial endotoxin in a lab setting after training for 4 days with Wim.
17:23 – What causes pain and how to suppress it with Wim’s technique.
19:11 – The synergistic benefits of using breath work with the cold.
22:26 – How Gerald Pollack’s work on the Exclusion Zone of water works with cold thermogenesis.
25:26 – Why you want less white fat and more brown fat. And how to reduce obesity with the Wim Hof method.
28:34 – Discussing the new scientific studies on pain and pain management being done on Wim and his students.
29:40 – Upcoming studies on depression, brain activity, flow-states, and rheumatoid arthritis.
35:04 – Wim’s struggle to overcome 25 years of mockery to bring his method to the masses.
37:47 – To get access to a free sample of Wim Hoff’s method, go to
40:00 – Wim Hof’s greater mission & how to climb a mountain with Wim.

Resource Links

Wim Hof Method Mini-class

Wim Hof Method Online Video Course

Wim Hof Website Homepage & Vice Documentary

Facebook: The Iceman (Wim Hof)

University Research Study

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About The Author

Jason Prall is a nationally-recognized speaker, performance coach, Functional Nutritionist, and leading expert in lifelong, optimized health. As a frequent contributor to a variety of health and wellness publications, founder of Calyx Performance, and the host of the You Optimized Radio podcast, Jason's revolutionary and innovative approach has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world with simple, practical, and powerful solutions to combat chronic health conditions and drastically improve quality of life.

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  1. NoëlKnows

    Hello Jason,

    Wim Hof is one of the people who gave me some life changing insights so I made a video about his Wim Hof Method and his latest book. And after hearing him on your podcast I believe there are more who share the same experience like me.

    Because I could only find a book in the Dutch language, I made an easy to follow animated video about it in English to share his theory and his technique for a broader public.

    I wish everyone good luck, and a nice experience!

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